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CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) is the Jave EE standard (JSR-299) for handling dependency injection. In addition to dependency injection, the standard encompasses component lifecycle, application configuration, call-interception and a decoupled, type-safe eventing specification.

The Errai CDI extension implements a subset of the specification for use inside of client-side applications within Errai, as well as additional capabilities such as distributed eventing.

Errai CDI does not currently implement all life cycles specified in JSR-299 or interceptors. These deficiencies may be addressed in future versions.

Errai CDI is implemented as an extension on top of the Errai IOC Framework (see Dependency Injection), which itself implements JSR-330. Inclusion of the CDI module your GWT project will result in the extensions automatically being loaded and made available to your application.
Classpath Scanning and
Errai CDI only scans the contents of classpath locations (JARs and directories) that have a file called at their root. If CDI features such as dependency injection, event observation, and @PostConstruct are not working for your classes, double-check that you have an at the root of every JAR and directory tree that contains classes Errai should know about.
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