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To specify the initial Organization configuration, the content of JBOSS_HOME/gatein/gatein.ear/portal.war/WEB-INF/conf/organization/organization-configuration.xml should be edited. This file uses the portal XML configuration schema. It lists several configuration plugins.

Plugin for adding users, groups and membership types

The plugin of type is used to specify the list of membership types/groups/users to be created.

The checkDatabaseAlgorithm initialization parameter determines how the database update is performed.

If its value is set to entry, it means that each user, group and membership listed in the configuration is checked each time GateIn Portal is started. If the entry does not exist in the database yet, it is created. If the checkDatabaseAlgorithm parameter value is set to empty, the configuration data will be updated to the database only if the database is empty.

Membership types

The predefined membership types are specified in the membershipType field of the OrganizationConfig plugin parameter.

See organization-configuration.xml for the full content.


The predefined groups are specified in the group field of the OrganizationConfig plugin parameter.


The predefined users are specified in the membershipType field of the OrganizationConfig plugin parameter.

Plugin for monitoring user creation

The plugin of type specifies which groups all the newly created users should become members of. It specifies the groups and the memberships to use (while the group is just a set of users, a membership type represents a user's role within a group). It also specifies a list of users that should not be processed (for example, administrative users like 'root').

The terms 'membership' and 'membership type' refer to the same thing, and are used interchangeably.
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  1. Jul 22, 2013

    Incorporated up to v1 in the Admin Config Guide.