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The following steps describe requeriments, installation and configuration steps for GateIn WCM.

1.1 Requeriments

  • JDK 1.7
  • Maven3
  • Git
  • GateIn Portal 3.6.0 for JBoss AS7 or JBoss Portal 6.1

1.2 Building

1.2.1 Check your maven repositories

GateIn WCM needs two repositories in your maven settings.xml, you can add the following repositories into your maven configuration:

1.2.2 Get source

GateIn WCM code can be cloned with the following steps:

1.2.3 Build 

GateIn WCM can be built with the following steps:

1.3 Installation

Before install GateIn WCM check you have a correct installation of GateIn Portal 3.6.0 for JBoss AS7 or JBoss Portal 6.1

1.3.1 Update fileuploads dependency

  • In GateIn Portal open
  • In JBoss Portal open
  • Add org.apache.commons.io dependency:

1.3.2 Install wcmDS datasource

For demo porpuses we are using h2 database embedded in GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal, but GateIn WCM is compatible with any database with JPA / Hibernate SQL dialect.
  • In GateIn Portal or JBoss Portal open
  • Add a new datasource:

1.3.3 Install wcm.properties

  • Browse in GateIn WCM project and locate examples/configuration-example/wcm.properties
  • Install properties

1.3.4 Deploy wcm.war artifact

  • Check you have built GateIn WCM Project in step 1.2

1.4 Configuration

1.4.1 Start GateIn Portal or JBoss Portal

  • Launch
  • Open a browser and check (assuming you are in a localhost installation)

1.4.2 Configuration of GateIn WCM groups

  • Access GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal as root user
  • Access to Group > Organization > Users and groups management

  • Create a new group from root parent called wcm

  • Create a new group under /wcm called editor

/wcm group represents all users that can access to GateIn WCM Editor portlet.
/wcm/editor represents a group with write rights.

Additional groups can be created under /wcm group to define fine grained permission in the WCM tool.

1.4.3 Configuration of GateIn WCM application

  • Access GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal as root user
  • Access to Group > Administration > Application Registry

  • Add a new category called WCM, set permission to all members of /wcm group.

  • Add WCM Content application to WCM category.

  • Add WCM Editor application to WCM category, set permission to all members of /wcm group.

1.4.4 Configuration of GateIn WCM navigation

  • Access GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal as root user
  • Access to Group > Manage Groups

  • Add Navigation for /wcm group

  • Edit /wcm Navigation and Add Node

  • In Page Node Setting tab: Add new Node called wcm with label WCM Editor

  • In Page Selector tab: Create new Page with Page Id wcm and Title WCM Editor

  • Save Dialog
  • Edit Node WCM Editor's page

  • Editing the page: Add a WCM Editor into the empty layout of the page.

  • Editing the page: Check that WCM Editor portlet has access permission to /wcm group with all membership type.

  • Save and Close
  • Check that under Group menu there is a new menu called wcm's pages with WCM Editor node.

  • Access and check that you see a empty WCM editor with no data.

1.4.5 Validate installation

  • Create a new upload to check media repository is correctly configured.

  • Create a "Hello World!" new post

1.5 Import demo GateIn WCM repository

This step is optional but a quick way to start getting familiar with GateIn WCM is to import a site.

1.5.1 Download demo data package

You can download a prepackaged site under this link:


1.5.2 Make backup of current data

  • Stop GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal
  • Make a backup of GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal data folder

1.5.3 Install demo data package

  • Unzip data.zip into GateIn Portal data folder, replacing all content

1.5.4 Run GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal Platform

  • Start GateIn Portal / JBoss Portal Platform
  • Browse in TicketMonster's Magazine

  • Or browse in WCM Editor managing content

1.6 Feedback !

Please, feel free to give us feedback and suggestions for future modifications !


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