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Categories view in WCM Editor shows main categories list that a specific user has rights to see:

Categories are entities that allow to organize posts, uploads and templates.

A post, upload or template can have one or more categories. This makes it easy to browse or filter content through categories.

There are three types of categories:

  • Folder, this category can have other categories as children creating a tree hierarchy.
  • Category, basic category.
  • Tag, basic category.

There is not technical differences between Category and Tag.
The aim to have two types is to offer a semantic way to express that a category is main (Category) or secondary (Tag).

From Categories view user can perfor following operations:

  • Create, edit or delete categories.
  • Define security ACLs to categories.
  • Browse through category's hierarchy.
  • Filter posts attached to a category.
  • Filter uploads attached to a category.
  • Filter templates attached to a category.
Delete category operation is performed in cascade.

This means that children categories are also deleted.

Posts, uploads and templates attached are not deleted.

2.2.1 Creating a new category

From "New category" action we can access to new category view:

A new category has a name, type and category parent.

Categories without no parent should be configured with Root as parent.

2.2.2 Editing an existing category

From "edit" action we can access to edit category view:

From this view a category can change its name, type or parent.

2.2.3 Security

In GateIn WCM, security can be defined at category level.

By default, categories can be read it per all users (READ permission is implicit in the ACL).

We have two more permissions that are defined explicitly:

  • WRITE permission allows to edit category for a specific group.
  • NONE permission revokes all READ and WRITE permission for a specific group.

All groups created under /wcm main group are used to define permissions into GateIn WCM.

ACLs can be added or removed through security link:

Categories allow to propagate ACLs, when you assign/remove a permission into a category, this permission is propagated into children and into posts, and uploads linked with that category or their children.
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