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GateIn WCM uses templates to render content through WCM Content portlet.

Templates have following features:

Separate content from view layout.

Templates can be resused: WCM Content portlet is responsible to link a template with their own content at portlet configuration level.

Templates are written in html and wcm tags.

Templates defined at application level (JSPs, JSF, Portlets) are less flexible in terms that a change in the template has to be done by a development team and re-deploy by portal administrators.

Wcm tags allow to Web Designers to combine a html web design with content in a simple way having a dynamic tool to create new sites easily.

GateIn WCM supports both models:

  • Powerful templates for Web Designers.
  • GateIn WCM API for Java/Portlets Developers.

Templates are managed in WCM Editor portlet and processed by WCM Content portlet.

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