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GateIn WCM offers a simplified API as an alternative to templates mechanism.

WCM API allows to access posts, categories, comments and uploads from third party applications deployed on GateIn / JBoss Portal.

WCM API is composed by the following packages:

package description
org.gatein.wcm.api.domain It contains WCM classes representing Category, Comment, Post and Upload
org.gatein.wcm.api.services It contains main interface API for WCM query operations
org.gatein.wcm.api.util It contains helper classes for html manipulation
org.gatein.wcm.api It contains WcmApi used to get an instance of WCM API

5.1 WCM API in a nutshell

Get all posts linked with a category

We can see in the example that main entry point of API is

WcmApi is just a helper class to give access to the EJB in a simplistic way.

5.2 org.gatein.wcm.api.domain

This package represents main elements of WCM domain:


5.3 org.gatein.wcm.api.services

Main WCM API for Query operations

5.4 org.gatein.wcm.api.util

Helper class for html manipulation

5.5 Examples

There are some examples available under the examples/api-example folder


gatein gatein Delete
wcm wcm Delete
api api Delete
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