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GateIn WCM is a small project with a lot of areas to improve.

These are some of the tasks identified to be done in the future:

ID Task Description Complexity
T1 WCM Editor portlet localization GateIn WCM supports localization in posts content, but in current version, WCM Editor portlet UI is not localized and only english is supported for UI labels and descriptions.
Supported english and spanish.
Code prepared to add new languages adding editor<language>.properties file and adding supported locale in portlet.xml configuration file.
T2 Support for self-closing wcm tags in templates wcm* tags in templates doesn't support self-closing tags-
wcm-* tags with not content inside are self-closing now in Templates Editor.
T3 Improvements for WCM Content templates engine WCM Content portlet can be reviewed to optimize String manipulation, applying StringBuilder where possible
First review of String manipulation in the templates engine.
T4 Improvements for WCM Editor error messages WCM Editor can improve warning messages low
T5 Improvements for JS resources WCM Editor uses JS resources with AMD style, those resources are not minified and are not managed directly by GateIn / JBoss Portal using gatein-resources.xml descriptor mid
T6 Export / Import Add a export / import tool that can handle content in a bundle.
Export / Import feature introduced.
T7 Search cappabilities Add a search tag/module that allows to run text queries inside title/excerpt/content and present a list of browseable results high

Also GateIn WCM can be tracked using JIRA:


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