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GateIn WCM is a portlet application (web application) designed to offer Web Content Management features to GateIn Portal.

Objectives and motivation

GateIn WCM is designed with the following objectives:

  • Offers Web Content Management features to GateIn Portal in a simple and lightweight way.

Simple in the sense of offering a set of portlets ready to manage web content adding value to standard portlets applications deployed in GateIn Portal.
These features are implemented using portlets and Java EE technology in a lightweight design avoiding dependencies from third party components.

  • Focus on non-developers profile.

GateIn WCM portlets can be used for non-technical users to create, upload and maintain content.
Sites templates can be designed by web designers avoiding to write Java code.

  • Building out-of-the-box sites.

Offering simple but powerful tools to create rich sites combining web content and portal applications.

  • Similar design like others popular lightweight WCM solutions.

Users with experience in other lightweight WCM solutions (like PHP technologies) will find easy to use this tool.
GateIn WCM inherits similar terminologies and use cases.

The following capture is an example of rich site built with GateIn WCM and GateIn Portal:

Main features

GateIn WCM offers following main Web Content Management features:

  •  WCM Editor portlet for rich content edition.

Editor portlet accessible by WCM users to create and manage content using WYSIWYG editor.

  • WCM Content portlet to show content in portal pages.

Content portlet configured by portal to show content inside a portal page.

  • In-line edition.

WCM users can modify content directly in Content portlet inside a portal page.

  • Flexible content categories.

WCM Editor allows to organize content in folders, categories and tags.

  • Template based layout.

WCM Content portlet renders content using layouts defined in web templates.
Templates are created by web designers instead of Java developers.

  • Fine grained security.

Extended security to content and categories defined by access control list and integrated with GateIn Portal organization service.

  • Version control.

WCM Editor supports a simple version control over content.

  • Locks management.

WCM Editor supports locks management for multi authoring purposes.

In the following link can be found a presentation with the summary of the features of GateIn WCM:

GateIn WCM introduction presentation

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  1. Oct 17, 2013

    Hey there Thomas

    Should Aakanksha and I be watching this space for Enterprise Content?

    1. Feb 20, 2014

      Missed that comment...

      No not at all, it is just a project that is not going in a product