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Infinispan 6.0

How do you make Infinispan send replication traffic over a specific network when you don't know the IP address?

Some cloud providers charge you less for traffic over internal IP addresses compared to public IP addresses, in fact, some cloud providers do not even charge a thing for traffic over the internal network (i.e. GoGrid). In these circumstances, it's really advantageous to configure Infinispan in such way that replication traffic is sent via the internal network. The problem though is that quite often you don't know which internal IP address you'll be assigned (unless you use elastic IPs and dyndns.org), so how do you configure Infinispan to cope with those situations?

JGroups, which is the underlying group communication library to interconnect Infinispan instances, has come up with a way to enable users to bind to a type of address rather than to a specific IP address. So now you can configure bind_addr property in JGroups configuration file, or the -Djgroups.bind_addr system property to a keyword rather than a dotted decimal or symbolic IP address:

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