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Infinispan 6.0

I notice that when using DIST, the cache does a remote get before a write command. Why is this?

Certain methods, such as Cache.put(), are supposed to return the previous value associated with the specified key according to the java.util.Map contract. If this is performed on an instance that does not own the key in question and the key is not in L1 cache, the only way to reliably provide this return value is to do a remote GET before the put. This GET is always sync (regardless of whether the cache is configured to be sync or async) since we need to wait for that return value.

Isn't that expensive? How can I optimize this away?

It isn't as expensive as it sounds. A remote GET, although sync, will not wait for all responses. It will accept the first valid response and move on, thus making its performance has no relation to cluster size.

If you feel your code has no need for these return values, then this can be disabled completely (by specifying the <unsafe unreliableReturnValues="true" /> configuration element for a cache-wide setting or the Flag.SKIP_REMOTE_LOOKUP for a per-invocation setting). Note that while this will not impair cache operations and accurate functioning of all public methods is still maintained. However, it will break the java.util.Map interface contract by providing unreliable and inaccurate return values to certain methods, so you would need to be certain that your code does not use these return values for anything useful.

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