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Infinispan 6.0

Infinispan GUI demo

This document walks you through using the Infinispan GUI demo that ships with Infinispan, and assumes that you have downloaded the latest version of Infinispan and unzipped the archive.  I will refer to the Infinispan directory created by unzipping the archive as ${INFINISPAN_HOME}.

NOTE: You will need either the -bin.zip or -all.zip version for this demo.

Step 1: Start the demo GUI

$ bin/runGuiDemo.sh

An equivalent runGuiDemo.bat file is also provided for Windows users.


Step 2: Start the cache

Start the cache in the GUI that starts up, using the Start Cache button.


Step 3: Manipulate data

In the Manipulate Data tab, add entries, generate random data, etc.


Step 4: Start more cache instances

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to launch and start up more caches.  Watch cluster formation in the Cluster View tab.


Step 5: Manipulate more data

Add and remove data on any of the nodes, and watch state being distributed.  Shut nodes down as well to witness data durability.


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