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Infinispan 6.0

Infinispan modules for JBoss AS 7.x

Since Infinispan 5.2, the distribution includes a set of modules for JBoss AS 7.x. By installing these modules, it is possible to deploy user applications without packaging the Infinispan JARs within the deployments (WARs, EARs, etc), thus minimizing their size. In order not to conflict with the Infinispan modules which are already present within an AS installation, the modules provided by the Infinispan distribution are located within their own slot identified by the major.minor versions (e.g. slot="5.2").

In order to tell the AS deployer that we want to use the Infinispan APIs within our application, we need to add explicit dependencies to the deployment's MANIFEST:

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Dependencies: org.infinispan:5.2 services

If you are using Maven to generate your artifacts, mark the Infinispan dependencies as provided and configure your artifact archiver to generate the appropriate MANIFEST.MF file:

             <Dependencies>org.infinispan:5.2 services, org.infinispan.cachestore.jdbc:5.2 services</Dependencies>
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