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Infinispan includes integration with CDI in the infinispan-cdi module. Configuration and injection of the Inifispan's Cache API is provided, and it is planned to bridge Cache listeners to the CDI event system. The module also provide partial support of the JCACHE (JSR-107) caching annotations - for further details see Chapter 8 of the JCACHE specification.

Maven Dependencies

All you need is org.infinispan:infinispan-cdi:

Which version of Infinispan should I use?
We recommend using the latest final version of the infinispan-cdi module. This module is available since Infinispan version 5.0.0.CR8.

Inject a Cache

By default you can inject the default Infinispan cache. Let's look at the following example:

If you want to use a specific cache you just have to provide your own cache configuration and cache qualifier. For example, if you want to use a custom cache for the GreetingService you should write your own qualifier (for example GreetingCache) and define it's configuration:

To use this cache in the GreetingService you just have to add the qualifier @GeetingCache on your cache injection. Simple!

Override the default cache configuration/manager

You can override the default cache configuration used by the default cache manager. To do this you just have to create one Configuration producer annotated with the @OverrideDefault qualifier as illustrated in the following snippet:

It's also possible to override the default cache manager used.

Supply a custom cache manager for one or more caches

It's possible to use a custom cache manager for one or more caches. To do this you just have to annotate the cache manager producer with the cache(s) qualifier you want to associate with it. Look at the following example:

With the above code the GreetingCache will be associated with the produced cache manager. In this case each cache entry in the GreetingCache will have a lifespan of 60 seconds.

Producer method scope
To work properly the EmbeddedCacheManager producer must have the scope application. Otherwise each GreetingCache injected will be associated to a new instance of DefaultCacheManager.

Use JCACHE caching annotations

The infinispan-cdi module provides a partial support of JCACHE caching annotations. These annotations provide a simple way to handle common use cases. The following caching annotations are defined in this specification:

  • @CacheResult which caches the result of a method call
  • @CacheRemoveEntry which removes an entry from the cache
  • @CacheRemoveAll which removes all entries from a cache
Annotations target type
These annotations must only be used on methods.

In order to use the above annotations the following interceptors must be declared in the beans.xml of your application.

The following snippet of code shows how the use of the @CacheResult annotation simplifies the caching of the Greetingservice#greet method results. The only thing to do is to annotate this method with @CacheResult.

The first version of the GreetingService and the above version have exactly the same behavior. The only difference is the cache used. By default the cache used is the fully qualified name of the annotated method with it's parameter types (in this example org.infinispan.example.GreetingService.greet(java.lang.String)).

How can I use a different cache?
To use another cache you just have to specify the cacheName attribute of the annotation. For example:
infinispan infinispan Delete
cdi cdi Delete
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