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To run the Infinispan, you'll need

  • Java 1.6
  • Maven 3, if you wish to use the quickstart examples or create a new project using the Infinispan archetype
  • the Infinispan distribution zip, if you wish to use Infinispan in server mode, or want to use the jars in an ant project
  • the Infinispan Quickstart zip, if you want to follow along with the projects discussed in the guide
If you already have any of these pieces of software, there is no need to install them again!

Choose your Java runtime, and follow their installation instructions. For example, you could choose one of:

Follow the official Maven installation guide if you don't already have Maven 3 installed. You can check which version of Maven you have installed (if any) by running mvn --version. If you see a version newer than 3.0.0, you are ready to go.

You can also deploy the examples using your favorite IDE. We provide instructions for using Eclipse only.

Finally, download Infinispan and the Infinispan Quickstart from the download page.

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