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This document walks you through using the Infinispan GUI demo that ships with Infinispan, and assumes that you have downloaded the latest version of Infinispan and unzipped the archive.  I will refer to the Infinispan directory created by unzipping the archive as ${INFINISPAN_HOME}.

Step 1: Start the demo GUI

An equivalent runGuiDemo.bat file is also provided for Windows users.

Step 2: Start the cache

Start the cache in the GUI that starts up, using the Start Cache button.

Step 3: Manipulate data

In the Manipulate Data tab, add entries, generate random data, etc.

Step 4: Start more cache instances

Repeat steps 1 and 2 to launch and start up more caches.  Watch cluster formation in the Cluster View tab.

Step 5: Manipulate more data

Add and remove data on any of the nodes, and watch state being distributed.  Shut nodes down as well to witness data durability.

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