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When: 28-29 June 2011

Where: Edinburgh 


  • Mircea Markus
  • Manik Surtani
  • Pete Muir
  • Sanne Grinovero
  • Dan Berindei
  • Jonathan Halliday (only Wednesday, June 29) 
  • Kevin Conner  (only Wednesday, June 29)
  • Paolo Romano (INESC-ID, via Skype, Wednesday)
  • Sebastiano Peluso (INESC-ID, via Skype, Wednesday)


All times in British Standard Time (GMT + 1)

Tue (28th) 

  • Infinispan 5.0
    • Where we are, what we need to finish this up
  • Infinispan 5.1
    • Roadmap
    • Timelines
  • OGM related stuff:
    • Need for sequences or alternative way(s) to create counters (related to use of CAS style methods on the Cache when in transaction)
    • Fine-grained-locking AtomicMap
    • Proper MVCC - not limited to REPL

Wed (29th)

  • 9:30 Present existing locking model (Mircea)
  • 10:30 Present the 3 locking improvements as described here and detailed (Mircea)
    • ISPN-1131 - Acquire (write) locks at prepare time even on local node
    • ISPN-1132 - Reorder lock acquisition to avoid deadlocks
    • ISPN-1137 - Locking optimization: only lock main data owner (dist only)
  • 11:30 Cloud-TM and how this needs to be designed in (Manik)
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 13:30 Eventual consistency and versioning entries
  • All: review suggested design and brainstorm 

Following documents detail the final design:

infinispan infinispan Delete
meeting meeting Delete
jta jta Delete
transaction transaction Delete
locking locking Delete
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