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A JBoss AS 5.x application can be configured to use Infinispan 4.x as the Hibernate 2nd-level cache, replacing JBoss Cache.

  1. Add the attached jar files to the ear lib directory. These include the core 4.1.0.GA Infinispan jar (infinispan-core.jar), the Hibernate/Infinispan integration jar back-ported from Hibernate 3.5 (hibernate-infinispan-3.3.2.GA_CP03.jar), the JGroups jar required by Infinispan 4.1.0 (jgroups-2.10.0.GA.jar), and other required 3rd party jars (river-1.2.3.GA.jar, marshalling-api-1.2.3.GA.jar)
  2. Isolate the classloading to be ear-scoped by adding META-INF/jboss-classloading.xml
  3. Configure persistence.xml to use Infinispan instead of JBoss Cache:
infinispan infinispan Delete
hibernate hibernate Delete
jbossas jbossas Delete
jboss_cache jboss_cache Delete
as5 as5 Delete
2lcache 2lcache Delete
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  1. Dec 06, 2012

    You can deploy infinispan 5.x as your overall cacheprovider on jboss5 by scoping your classloader to load the jars inside your ear first like this:


    If you build with maven-ear-plugin you also add this in your pom.xml:

    Just doing this will fail to start due to NoSuchMethodException or similar.
    Now here's the trick, jboss5 has jboss-logmanager included but it's the wrong version and just adding inifispan-core to your dependencies will not include the jboss-logmanager it needs. Define your pom.xml like this:

    (For infinispan 5.1.6.Final, it's supposed to be 1.2.0.GA)

    Enjoy infinispan 5.x on jboss5

    Now you will load 2 diffrent versions of jgroups, so make sure to make separate channels for regular jboss jgroups and infinispans. In the case you use TCPPING set it up like this:


  2. Dec 06, 2012

    To load infinispan 5.x inside an esb deployment on jboss SOA 5.x using maven to build follow these steps.

    Use the jboss-packaging-maven-plugin you normally would with <excludeAll> set to true.

    Then add the maven-dependency-plugin to manually add all infinispan dependencies for example like this:

    Make sure to config your <outputDirectory> so that the jars end up inside your esb deployment.

    Then scope your classloader in your deployment.xml like this:

    Also add jboss-classloading.xml in your META-INF folder

    Now you can instanciate an infinispan cache inside your esb (we use spring) and no more need to use jboss cache :)

    See previous comment to separate jgroups channels.