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JBoss Cloud Access


What's provided?

Membership in the JBoss Cloud Access program enables you to access private Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) created by Red Hat. These AMIs have your choice of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1.x or JBoss Enterprise Web Server 1.0.x pre-installed and fully supported by Red Hat. Each of the AMIs have a test application deployed, to allow you to confirm the platform is working, but this is intended only as a starting point. From there you deploy and configure your own application.

Ongoing management and monitoring of the platform has also been configured in the AMIs. A JBoss Operations Network (JON) 3.0.x agent is pre-installed for health and performance monitoring. Product updates are managed using RPMs, enabling you to update installed products via Red Hat Update Infrastructure.

Deployment process

To deploy your application on either JBoss Enterprise Application Platform or JBoss Enterprise Web Server, follow these steps:

  1. Configure and deploy custom Amazon Machine Image

  2. Launch either JBoss Enterprise Web Platform or JBoss Enterprise Application Platform;

  3. Confirm that the platform is working as expected;

  4. Deploy your application;

  5. Establish monitoring with JBoss Operations Network (JON).

This guide is structured to match this process, with the aim of getting your application deployed quickly and easily. It's not possible to cover every deployment scenario so this guide provides example configurations, to be modified to suit your environment.

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