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Add BrowserSim to the Global Toolbar

The BrowserSim icon is part of the BrowserSim toolbar and, by default, this toolbar is included in the global toolbar of the JBoss perspective. But the BrowserSim icon might not be visible in other perspectives because the icons in the global toolbar change depending on the perspective you are using. As detailed in the procedure below, you can the BrowserSim toolbar to other perspectives.

Add BrowserSim to the Global Toolbar in the Current Perspective

  1. **
    Ensure you are using the perspective in which you would like to add the BrowserSim toolbar. If you need to change the perspective, click WindowOpen PerspectiveOther and search for the appropriate perspective..

  2. **
    Click WindowCustomize Perspective.

  3. **
    On the Command Groups Availability tab, select the BrowserSim check box to add this command group to the current perspective.

  4. **
    On the Tool Bar Visibility tab, ensure the BrowserSim check box is selected as this makes the BrowserSim toolbar visible.

  5. **
    Click OK to close the window.

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