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Add or Modify Devices in BrowserSim

You may wish to preview a web application on a replicated mobile device that is not predefined in BrowserSim. You can add more devices to BrowserSim and modify the existing devices, as detailed in the procedures below.

Add Devices to BrowserSim

  1. **
    Right-click the browser window and click Preferences.

  2. **
    In the Devices window, click Add.

  3. **
    In the Name field, type the name you want to give the device.

  4. **
    In the Width and Height fields, type the dimensions of the device window in pixels. Clearing the Width and Height check boxes results in the default values of 320 and 480 pixels being used.

  5. **
    In the Pixel Ratio field, type a value for the ratio of CSS pixels to device pixels.

  6. **
    In the User Agent field, type the User Agent string of your device. Clearing the User Agent check box results in the default User Agent for the BrowserSim browser being used.

    User Agent is a string denoting the device, operating system and browser combination. This string may be used by websites to provide content tailored for devices, operating systems and browsers. Information is widely available on the Internet to assist you in identifying the User Agent associated with a particular device.

  7. **
    From the Skin list, select the skin to be used or select None.

  8. **
    Click OK to add the new device and click OK to close the Devices window. Modify Devices in BrowserSim

  9. **
    Right-click the browser window and click Preferences.

  10. **
    In the Devices table, select a device and click Edit.

  11. **
    Once you have finished editing the fields, click OK.

  12. **
    Click OK to close the Devices window.

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