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Prepare the Release

Set the version for the target release

Publish snapshots of the API & Userguide

Before you can start, make sure that your public SSH key is registered for use with This key will be used instead of a password. You can do this by emailing the public key to

Obtain a snapshot of the API docs either by building or by downloading them from a successful hudson build. The API docs are built at distribution/javadoc/target/apidocs.

Then copy them to a specific location for this release in the documentation directory using scp:

Then update the link from the API docs to the latest versions:

Check that you see the desired results at:

Update Release Documents

  • Copy the release notes from the JIRA Roadmap to ChangeLog.html
  • Extract the relevant changes to ReleaseNotes.html
  • Add the user and developer guides to the distribution dir

Tag and Deploy

When you've done all of the above you can tag the release and deploy it to Nexus

Close and promote the release in the Nexus Repository.
Follow Deploying a Release on how to do this.

Publish the artifacts on SourceForge

Upload the installer, the changelog and the release notes.

Check the result at the JBossOSGi download area

Advertise the release

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