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The MIB Generator

Included in the SNMP Adaptor is a way for a user to generate an SNMP MIB file based on already defined attributes.xml and notifications.xml. This MIB file allows an SNMP manager to display metrics in a much more human readable way than would otherwise be possible, and the generator allows the user to skip the arduous task of manually creating an MIB file.

The Importance of the MIB File

An MIB is not necessary for the operation of an SNMP manager. However, having one defined is very helpful for getting sensible, readable information back from a given agent. As an example, see the following queries, one with a properly defined MIB, and one without:

Without MIB

As you can see, we have to specify the OID we are interested in numerically, and we are returned the result in similar fashion.

With MIB:

We are returned a much more readable and informative result, with a properly defined MIB. We can even query this name directly and get the correct results:

This is the advantage of having an MIB.

The other parts of this guide go into more detail around getting the MIB generator to generate an appropriate MIB for anyone's needs.

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