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ModeShape 2.7 includes several improvements and minor features, and numerous fixes for issues reported against the earlier 2.x releases. For details, see the release notes.

ModeShape implements all of the required JCR 2.0 features: repository acquisition, authentication, reading/navigating, query, export, node type discovery, and permissions and capability checking. ModeShape also implements most of the optional JCR 2.0 features: writing, import, observation, workspace management, versioning, locking, node type management, same-name siblings, orderable child nodes, and shareable nodes. The remaining optional features (access control management, lifecycle management, retention and hold, and transactions) may be introduced in future versions.

ModeShape 2.7 currently passes 1372 of the 1391 JCR TCK tests, where 17 of these 19 failures appear to be bugs in the TCK tests (see JCR-2648, JCR-2661, JCR-2662, and JCR-2663). The remaining 2 failures are due to a known issue (see MODE-760).
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