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The JCR-SQL query language is defined by the JCR 1.0 specification as a way to express queries using strings that are similar to SQL. Support for the language is optional, and in fact this language was deprecated in the JCR 2.0 specification in favor of the improved and more powerful (and more SQL-like) JCR-SQL2 language.

As an aside, ModeShape's parser for JCR-SQL queries is actually just a simplified and more limited version of the parser for JCR-SQL2 queries. All other processing, however, is done in exactly the same way.

The JCR 2.0 specification defines how nodes in a repository are mapped onto relational tables queryable through a SQL-like language, including JCR-SQL and JCR-SQL2. Basically, each node type is mapped as a relational view with a single column for each of the node type's (residual and non-residual) property definitions. Conceptually, each node in the repository then appears as a record inside the view corresponding to the node type for which "Node.isNodeType(nodeTypeName)" would return true.

Since each node likely returns true from this method for multiple node type (e.g., the primary node type, the mixin types, and all supertypes of the primary and mixin node types), all nodes will likely appear as records in multiple views. And since each view only exposes those properties defined by (or inherited by) the corresponding node type, a full picture of a node will likely require joining the views for multiple node types. This special kind of join, where the nodes have the same identity on each side of the join, is referred to as an identity join, and is handled very efficiently by ModeShape.

ModeShape includes support for the JCR-SQL language, and adds several extensions to make it even more powerful and useful:

The grammar for the JCR-SQL query language is actually a superset of that defined by the JCR 1.0 specification, and as such the complete grammar is included here.

The grammar is presented using the same EBNF nomenclature as used in the JCR 1.0 specification. Terms are surrounded by '[' and ']' denote optional terms that appear zero or one times. Terms surrounded by '{' and '}' denote terms that appear zero or more times. Parentheses are used to identify groups, and are often used to surround possible values. Literals (or keywords) are denoted by single-quotes.


QueryCommand ::= Query | SetQuery

SetQuery ::= Query ('UNION'|'INTERSECT'|'EXCEPT') ['ALL'] Query
                 { ('UNION'|'INTERSECT'|'EXCEPT') ['ALL'] Query }

Query ::= Select From [Where] [OrderBy] [Limit]

Select ::= 'SELECT' ('*' | Proplist )

From ::= 'FROM' NtList

Where ::= 'WHERE' WhereExp

OrderBy ::= 'ORDER BY' propname [Order] {',' propname [Order]}

Order ::= 'DESC' | 'ASC'

Proplist ::= propname {',' propname}

NtList ::= ntname {',' ntname}

WhereExp ::= propname Op value |
             propname 'IS' ['NOT'] 'NULL' |
             like |
             contains |
             whereexp ('AND'|'OR') whereexp |
             'NOT' whereexp |
             '(' whereexp ')' |
             joinpropname '=' joinpropname |
             between |
             propname ['NOT'] 'IN' '(' value {',' value } ')'

Op ::= '='|'>'|'<'|'>='|'<='|'<>'

joinpropname ::= quotedjoinpropname | unquotedjoinpropname
quotedjoinpropname ::= ''' unquotedjoinpropname '''
unquotedjoinpropname ::= ntname '.jcr:path'

propname ::= quotedpropname | unquotedpropname
quotedpropname ::= ''' unquotedpropname '''
unquotedpropname ::= /* A property name, possible a pseudo-property: jcr:score or jcr:path */

ntname ::= quotedntname | unquotedntname
quotedntname ::= ''' unquotedntname '''
unquotedntname ::= /* A node type name */

value ::= literal | subquery

literal ::= ''' literalvalue ''' | literalvalue
literalvalue ::= /* A property value (in standard string form) */

subquery ::= '(' QueryCommand ')' | QueryCommand

like ::= propname 'LIKE' likepattern [ escape ]
likepattern ::= ''' likechar { likepattern } '''
likechar ::= char | '%' | '_'

escape ::= 'ESCAPE' ''' likechar '''

char ::= /* Any character valid within the string representation of a value
            except for the characters % and _ themselves. These must be escaped */

contains ::= 'CONTAINS(' scope ',' searchexp ')'
scope ::= unquotedpropname | '.'
searchexp ::= ''' exp '''
exp ::= ['-']term {whitespace ['OR'] whitespace ['-']term}
term ::= word | '"' word {whitespace word} '"'
word ::= /* A string containing no whitespace */
whitespace ::= /* A string of only whitespace*/

between ::= propname ['NOT'] 'BETWEEN' lowerBound ['EXCLUSIVE']
                                 'AND' upperBound ['EXCLUSIVE']
lowerBound ::= value
upperBound ::= value

Limit ::= 'LIMIT' count [ 'OFFSET' offset ]
count ::= /* Positive integer value */
offset ::= /* Non-negative integer value */
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