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ModeShape 5

Migrating from 3.x and 4.x

This page is primarily for developers that are already using ModeShape 3 and ModeShape 4 and want to move to ModeShape 5

If you're using an even older version of ModeShape, you should read this guide

The main change for ModeShape 5 is replacing Infinispan for persisting data with some custom stores which include an in-memory, file-system and relational DB (via JDBC) store. With this change, repository data stored in ModeShape 3.x or 4.x is no longer compatible with ModeShape 5 and will have to be migrated between versions.

Binary data stored anywhere except in an Infinispan binary store, does not have to be migrated since the binary storage model has not changed. Only repository data and binary data stored in Infinispan has to be migrated

Migrating data

To migrate your data between a 3.x or 4.x repository, we recommend using ModeShape's backup and restore feature and the performing the following steps:

1. backup your old repository data - if you're not using an Infinispan binary store, you don't need to backup your binaries (see the advanced backup options)
2. update your JSON or JBoss AS configuration (see below) and start up a new, empty repository
3. restore the backup created in step 1. If you've decided not to export binaries in step 1, you will also have to do the same for the restore process.

If your old repository uses Infinispan for storing the binary data, you will have to also backup and restore the binary content of your repository into another binary store.

JSON configuration

The following elements and attributes are no longer supported and should be removed from your configuration:

1. Infinispan configuration file(s)
2. the transactionMode, cacheName, cacheConfiguration attributes from the repository and storage sections of your configuration
3. the cache binary store type
4. the cacheTtlSeconds setting of the externalSources section

...while a new persistence section has been added to configure the new storage options.

JBoss AS configuration

The following attributes and elements have been removed and are no longer supported in the JBoss AS configuration:

1. Infinispan configuration files (or the Infinispan configuration section from the AS configuration)
2. the cache-name, cache-config, config-relative-to attributes of the <repository> element
3. the cache-binary-storage element
4. the cacheTtlSeconds attribute of the <source/> element

...while new elements have been added for each new persistent store

Make sure you read the persistence section of the persistence documentation and the getting started guide to see how to configure the new persistent stores

Binary storage

The Infinispan (cache) binary store has been removed starting with ModeShape 5, so if you're currently using it you need to make sure you migrate your binary data to another type of binary store. See this section for the available list of binary stores.
If you're using the Infinispan binary store for clustering your binary values, you'll have to switch to either a DB binary store or a FS binary store via NFS.

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