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By default Portlet Bridge will add any JSF Resources for your portlet into the <head> section of the portal page the portlet is on, if the portlet container supports marking up the head of a page.

If you don't want any resources from your portlet being added to the <head> section of the portal page, simply add the following context param into web.xml of the portlet:

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  1. Nov 04, 2012

    Is there a particular reason why JSF resources should not be added to a portlet <head> section?

    1. Nov 05, 2012

      It's not that they wouldn't be added to the <head> of the portlet, rather that they wouldn't be added to the <head> of the portal page.

      The reason this ability is that some portlet containers don't support adding resources into the <head> of the page, so it made sense to provide a way to disable it.

      1. Nov 07, 2012

        Thanks for clarifying that, Ken. Much appreciated.