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Portlet Bridge provides the following example JSF2 portlets to assist in including the framework into your own portlets, as well as demonstrating the functionality available. Currently the following examples are available:

  • JSF2 Portlet: basic JSF2 portlet showing f:ajax functionality
  • RichFaces4 Simple: RichFaces 4 form with ajax submission and extended data table showing the submitted data.
  • RichFaces4 Showcase: RichFaces 4 Showcase application, with portlet specific changes
  • CDI and JSF2 Portlet: CDI and JSF2 example portlet showing long running conversations, as well as application scoped bean.
  • DeltaSpike with CDI and JSF2 Portlet: CDI and JSF2 portlet showing usage of DeltaSpike for advanced CDI usage. Shows how to run the example from DeltaSpike as a portlet.

If you have other ideas of example portlets, please let us know in the forums.

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