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Portlet Bridge 3.3

Linking and Redirects

Linking to Facelets page within same Portlet

When linking to any Facelets page within your portlet web application, you may use the following:

<h:outputLink value="#{facesContext.externalContext.requestContextPath}/home.xhtml">
  <f:param name="javax.portlet.faces.ViewLink" value="true"/>
    navigate to the test page

Redirect to External Page or Resource

To link to a non JSF View (such as jboss.org), you may use the following:

<h:commandLink actionListener="#{yourBean.yourListener}">
  <f:param name="javax.portlet.faces.DirectLink" value="true"/>
    navigate to the test page

With a backing Bean that has the following:

public class YourBean {
  public void yourListener() {
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