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Portlet Bridge 3.3

Receive Event

Portlet Configuration

For a portlet to receive an event, it needs to specify the following within portlet.xml within its' <portlet> section:


The portlet also needs to specify that it is able to receive an event from the portal by adding the below to portlet.xml within its' <portlet> section:

  <qname xmlns:jbp="urn:jboss:portal:samples:event">jbp:BookingEvent</qname>

As when defining the portlet that can publish an event, the portlet that can receive that event needs to define the link between the qname and event type. The identical <event-definition> specified in Send Event can be used.

Event Handler

To process the Event within a portlet a handler, that was defined within portlet.xml as seen earlier, needs to be created with content similar to the following:

public class BookingEventHandler implements BridgeEventHandler {
  public EventNavigationResult handleEvent(FacesContext context, Event event) {
    // Process event payload as appropriate
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