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All EL variables found in the JSR-329 (Portlet 2.0) specification are available in the Portlet Bridge, see below.

EL Object Name Description
portletConfig Object of type javax.portlet.PortletConfig
actionRequest Object of type javax.portlet.ActionRequest (only accessible when processing an ActionRequest)
actionResponse Object of type javax.portlet.ActionResponse (only accessible when processing an ActionResponse)
eventRequest Object of type javax.portlet.EventRequest (only accessible when processing an EventRequest)
eventResponse Object of type javax.portlet.EventResponse (only accessible when processing an EventResponse)
renderRequest Object of type javax.portlet.RenderRequest (only accessible when processing a RenderRequest)
renderResponse Object of type javax.portlet.RenderResponse (only accessible when processing a RenderResponse)
resourceRequest Object of type javax.portlet.ResourceRequest (only accessible when processing a ResourceRequest}
resourceResponse Object of type javax.portlet.ResourceResponse (only accessible when processing a ResourceResponse}
portletSession Current PortletSession object
portletSessionScope Map of PortletSession attributes in PORTLET_SCOPE. JSP Expression returns immutable Map, but Faces Expression returns mutable Map.
httpSessionScope Mutable Map of PortletSession attributes in APPLICATION_SCOPE
portletPreferences Current PortletPreferences object
portletPreferencesValues Immutable Map containing entries equivalent to PortletPreferences.getMap()
mutablePortletPreferencesValues Mutable Map of type Map<String, javax.portlet.faces.preference.Preference>. This EL variable provides read/write access to each portlet preference.
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