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PicketLink AS7 Console and Extension

Along with the PicketLink 2.1.5.Final, two useful projects were released too:

Give them a try !

Download Files

Check our Installation Guide for more information about how to configure PicketLink with your JBoss Application Server v7 installation.

You will need two jar files :  PicketLink Core Jar  as well as a Bindings jar (based on the server)

PicketLink Core Jar:

PicketLink Core 2.1.5 Jar:

Bindings Jar:

Updating the PicketLink module in JBoss AS 7

In order to use this version in JBoss AS 7 you need to update the PicketLink module. Please take a look at the Installation Guide.

PicketLink Quickstarts (Example applications)

PicketLink provides some useful examples about using some core features. Give it a try:

Release Notes

Feature Request

  • [PLFED-363] - RSTR SAML2 Assertions does not contain AuthnStatement
  • [PLFED-366] - PicketLink Trust JAXWS Handlers with JBoss AS7
  • [PLFED-367] - PicketLinkAthenticator with JBoss AS7
  • [PLFED-368] - SecurityManager check before executing privileged blocks

Additional Information

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