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Reference Guide:

Download Files

Check our Installation Guide for more information about how to configure PicketLink with your JBoss Application Server v7 installation.

You will need two jar files :  PicketLink Core Jar  as well as a Bindings jar (based on the server)

PicketLink Core Jar:

PicketLink Core 2.1.7 Jar:

Bindings Jar:

Updating the PicketLink module in JBoss AS 7

In order to use this version in JBoss AS 7 you need to update the PicketLink module. Please take a look at the Installation Guide.

PicketLink Quickstarts (Example applications)

PicketLink provides some useful examples about using some core features. Give it a try:

Release Notes


  • [PLINK2-11] - The PicketLink IDP behaves strangely if the index.jsp is changed to an index.html
  • [PLINK2-25] - characterEncoding parameter not used in for Post Requests in ServiceProviderAuthenticator
  • [PLINK2-93] - IDP hangs when redirecting to the SP using HTTP-Redirect Binding
  • [PLINK2-96] - Wrong Description of PicketLinkSP Attribute in the Reference Guide
  • [PLINK2-99] - AbstractIDPValve class doesn't clean Response before POST correctly
  • [PLINK2-104] - SP should read/recognize the SingleLogoutLocation ResponseLocation attribute in the metadata
  • [PLINK2-105] - Optional Attribute in Validation Calls to PicketLink STS
  • [PLINK2-106] - Invalid Logout Responses from SAML2LogoutHandler
  • [PLINK2-107] - picketlink + mod_cluster + REDIRECT is failing to work
  • [PLINK2-109] - picketlink + mod_cluster + POST is failing to work
  • [PLINK2-110] - AbstractPicketLinkTrustHandler's import GenericSOAPHandler is only used in JavaDoc
  • [PLINK2-118] - Fix Support for Global Logout in the Stand-Alone Distribution


  • [PLINK2-51] - SAML 2.0 Subject EncryptedKey should contain KeyInfo
  • [PLINK2-94] - Client Cert Authentication backed by form authentication
  • [PLINK2-95] - Support SSL Client Authentication with a fallback to the configured authentication method
  • [PLINK2-98] - Add Alias for the JPA-Based Token Registry
  • [PLINK2-115] - Unnecessary Setting in the Reference Guide

Feature Request

  • [PLINK2-101] - JDBC Token Registry
  • [PLINK2-102] - JDBC Revocation Token Registry
  • [PLINK2-116] - Added NOSCRIPT code when JavaScript is disabled and POST binding is used...
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