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It gives us pleasure to announce that PicketLink v2.5.2.Final have been released. PicketLink Team welcomes community feedback and questions.

One of the main objectives of this release is to provide a base version for the PicketLink Subsystem.

PicketLink v2.1.8.Final is the last community release in the v2.1 cycle. We encourage users to upgrade to v2.5.2.Final since it has bug fixes and is compatible with v2.1.8.Final.

Release Notes


  • [PLINK-225] - Fix thread safety issues with File and LDAP stores
  • [PLINK-275] - The supportAttribute and supportCredentials are not being read by the IdentityConfigurationBuilder


  • [PLINK-271] - Classes should also be loaded using TCCL
  • [PLINK-274] - Remove all associated data when removing a Partition

Feature Request

  • [PLINK-191] - Google+ authentication
  • [PLINK-267] - BasicModel.hasRole will raise an exception with custom entities
  • [PLINK-270] - Add configuration option to specify which store support credential management
  • [PLINK-276] - Support an user-defined producer method for the PartitionManager instance


  • [PLINK-140] - Umbrella task for 2.5.0.Beta7 documentation issues
  • [PLINK-202] - Concurrency, documentation and API umbrella issue
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