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2-phase discovery

Right now our discovery and import attempts to find a process and get all the information from it, then presents the results to the user in the import queue from where it can be taken into inventory and child discovery happens.

The following graph tries to illustrate this:


In reality that approach has its issues:

2-phase discovery

So the idea is to have a 2-phase approach, where in the 1st phase we merely find the process (+ additional info) and then present that to the user. The user can verify certificates, pass credentials select http vs. https and then clicks on import. The server will then tell the agent to run the discovery (basically as it works today) with those existing credentials



The big benefit is that a discovery with credentials can get certain values right from the start via api-calls, so that a lot of "external" code to work around the missing credentials can go away.

Also for the new feature of discovering foo-1.war and foo-2.war both as foo.war with version 1 and 2 respectively, it could be good if the user could override the default version detection after the foo*.war resource has been found, but before it is finally added to the inventory.

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