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Areas of performance challenges

( report of Dashboard.do loading in RHQ 3 taking 9s with 140k resources in inventory )

16:34:53] <pilhuhn> 9sec for the whole Dashboard and 6s of it for the AD portlet. I made that fix that shaves off ~30% so this would be at 4s
16:39:11] <pilhuhn> better (but more expensive) fixes would be to pre-calculate some of the query results. The recursive nature of the resource table (and others) is expensive for the database
16:41:18] <pilhuhn> we could also try turning on the hibernate query cache for this specific query , so that the cache buffers the results for some time. Drawback is that it may take somewhat longer until a new platform/server is shown in the AD portlet
16:42:26] <pilhuhn> the latter may need some code change to enable the caching as well
16:43:41] <pilhuhn> so there is still the workaround of only displaying the AD portlet when it is really needed
16:44:00] <pilhuhn> which shaves 6s off 9s images/author/images/icons/emoticons/smile0.gif
16:44:03] <@ccrouch> so the problem is that we have a feature whose performance scales with the size of the inventory, not the number of newly discovered items, right?
16:44:14] <@ccrouch> pilhuhn: thats looking pretty good to me right now
16:44:29] <pilhuhn> ccrouch right about scaling

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