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Bundles vs Content - Planning

This page is a working document for figuring out the features and their prioritization that we want to implement in bundle and content subsystems to start the process of unifying them.
Red Hat employees can also discuss this on an internal Etherpad (http://jbosson.etherpad.corp.redhat.com/165), which I will be syncing with this wiki page.


(ordered on priority in the descending order)

  1. Enable RHQ's bundle subsystem to handle the patching in the next version of JBoss AS

  2. Come up with ways of embedding the Content workflows in the Bundle UI

  3. Make bundles implement all the features content has and deprecate content

We absolutely have to address the first goal, while the latter ones are something to keep in mind while designing the changes but they are not necessarily required to be done in the first iteration of this effort.

Problems to Solve

Patch Enabling

  • Bundle presence/corruption discoverability
    This is needed to figure out that a one-off patch deployed as a bundle to AS8 has been automatically undeployed.
    Also, generically this is a nice feature that can inform the users that bundle files have been tampered with (could we use drift for this? - how'd we overcome the fact that bundles aren't resource based? - what about implictly creating a drift definition on a platform resource? but doesn't it couple the plugin container with the platform plugin too tightly?)

  • Pass additional info to bundle deployer from the managed resource (so that we can connect to the AS8 from the bundle handler (because we need to use AS8 CLI for patch deployment - can't do it ourselves))

      <bundle-target name="fancy target">
           <value context="..." name="..." />


  • Represent (a set of) content packages as a bundle (UI unification)

  • Content sources for bundles (this actually has come up on rhq-users list)

  • Bundle discoverability (not only a presence or corruption of a previously
    installed bundle) - think automatically discovering the the patches on an AS8
    resource and "reporting" them as bundles so that they can be taken and deployed
    somewhere else by the user. Or discovering deployed WAR files on some
    application server and offering them as bundles.

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