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Current setup

Current setup

See below for meeting minutes and so on.

Distribution of resources

This page shows the current setup within the AS 7 plugin.

  • Domain controller is discovered only where it is running

  • Host controller on other hosts, when an agent is running there

  • Managed AS 7 instances are discovered via rhq agent

    • The domain controller can list all managed instances and we discover them even without an agent at the moment.

The next graphic shows two inventory trees. Snert has the domain controller, pintsize a 'dependent' host controller.


Need for dependent values

This graphic shows values needed when setting up a new managed AS server.
A good part of the values needs to be set to values that already exist in the system

Admin down

In the previous two screen shots, server-three is not down, because it has crashed, but because it was not yet enabled by the administrator


AS 7 groups servers into server-groups as seen above.

We need support to automatically group them.
The following DynaGroup instance shows the expression:


This shows the resulting groups.


Minutes, next steps

Meeting on May 31st, 2011

Meeting minutes


  • Rethink admin-down and investigate what needs to change

  • pilhuhn add auto-uninventory to that wiki-page

  • investigate more on ways to do auto-import

  • pilhuhn Investigate more about the semantic of linking between items in the RHQ model

  • pilhuhn Check with as7 about audit logging of as7 operations

  • pilhuhn write a wiki page about this deployment handling (or find the existing one)

  • ips helps with figuring out how this can be done

  • Investigate more what it takes to support pseudo-platforms and agentless management

  • images/author/images/icons/emoticons/check.gif pilhuhn Add this stream of toughts to the above wiki page


The three items to concentrate on are

  • linking between RHQ model elements

  • dependent values

  • auto-import

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