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Design - Bundle Provisioning UI

Based on the new workflows this page will hold some of the new interaction designs.


  • The bundle tree will have new levels and will allow you to select either a list view or down to a specific bundle, bundle version, destination or deployment to get the detailed screen on the right

  • The left nav going to all necessary levels avoids the need for un-labeled page levels

  • List and detail views take up the entire right hand side of the screen

  • Destinations are a new concept... it is where you have deployed a bundle

  • Tags are a new concept, they'll add in information about the bundles, versions and destinations. They'll be filterable and assignable/editable in this part of the ui.

  • The bundle create wizard will be simplified and much more data will be pulled from the recipe. The first screen will be a recipe upload.

  • Bundles can now only be deployed to a single resource or a single group. (That resource/group plus the install path on disk is the "Destination")

  • Deployments will now be "Live" or "Inactive or archived". The live deployment is the last push to that location.

  • When pushing to a destination, you'll be offered the chance to start from the configuration of the previous push to that location.

  • A new screen will show the historical deployments to a destination.

  • New screens are added to "Preview" a deployment.

  • New screens are added to view the detailed steps, status and result logs for those.

  • A revert workflow will be created

Bundle Tree

The new bundle tree looks something like:

  • Bundles

    • MyBundle

      • Versions

        • 1

        • 2

        • 3

      • Destinations

        • Production MyApp Cluster

          • Deployment 1

        • Staging MyApp Cluster

          • Deployment 2

          • Deployment 3


  1. Bundle tree

  2. Bundle list*

  3. Bundle version list*

  4. Bundle deployments list

  5. Bundle destination list

  6. Bundle destination deployment history

  7. Bundle Add Wizard

    1. Upload bundle package or recipe

    2. Upload additional files (no asking for metadata)

  8. Bundle Deployment Wizard

    1. New

    2. Select destination

    3. Update previous destination

    4. question/answer

    5. Preview of file replaces and steps to install

    6. Steps to install

    7. Step results / install status overview

    8. Step detail and error review

  9. Revert wizard

    1. Revert a "live" deployment to the state right before release

    2. Revert to a previous deployment plan via fresh install




Deployment Wizard

  1. Start from a bundle version (Bundle: MyApp,  BundleVersion: 1.0)

  2. click [Create new deployment]

  3. Name the deployment "My Production Cluster" and enter the path "/opt/MyApp"

  4. Select a resource or cluster (select: MyApp Production Cluster with 3 boxes in it)

  5. Answer deployment questions (database url: prod-db) or offer to clone configuration from an existing deployment

  6. Preview the installation (push out to 3 boxes... for each box show steps involved and previews (file conflicts, replace-file results))

  7. Confirm deploy... watch the status of the deploy...

  8. View errors, listed by server -> step -> details

  9. Revert scenarios

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