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Adding a New Configuration Preference to the Agent

If you want to add a new configuration preference to the agent, do the following:

  • Put it in agent-configuration.xml - fully document it in the comments like the rest
  • Add a getter to AgentConfiguration
    • Add a constant to AgentConfigurationConstants
    • If this is a plugin container configuration, you probably just need to modify AgentConfiguration.getPluginContainerConfiguration() rather than creating a standalone AgentConfiguration.getXXX() method
    • If this is a comm sender config, edit AgentConfiguration.getClientCommandSenderConfiguration appropriately
  • Add the ability to set it by adding code to SetupPromptCommand
    • Add AgentSetupInstructions as appropriate
  • Add it to rhq-plugin.xml in the agent plugin's <resource-configuration>
  • You might have to add it to *-configuration.xml test/agentspawn files (in the agent module and agent plugin module) unless the hardcoded default is safe for the tests to use
  • Add it to the agentspawn module (probably don't need to do this anymore)
  • If appropriate, add an upgrade step to AgentConfigurationUpgrade
  • (if we support embedded agent again) Put it in embedded-agent-configuration.xml - fully document it in the comments like the rest

Server Configuration

If you added the configuration to the comm stuff (client sender config or service container config):

  • You modify ClientCommandSenderConfiguration or ServerConfiguration[Constants]
  • Modify so it generates the new setting in
  • Edit server-comm-configuration.xml and server-comm-service.xml as appropriate
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