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This page is a placeholder for the design of a REST API.

See also the JSON page which should be integrated here and then perhaps be removed.


  • Provide data as XML / JSON
  • export metrics of a resource or group as data points
  • get resource tree
    • full
    • level by level
  • get groups
  • authorization follows the existing role model
  • adding / editing of alert templates
  • acknowledge / view / delete of alerts
  • testability
    • initial prototypes accompanied by integration tests
    • involvement from qa
  • get availability for a resource/group
  • get metric chart for a resource/group
    • You really mean, the complete .png for that?
  • how to locate a resource/group?
    • id?
    • ../../parentResourceKey/resourcekey?
  • Search / List resource from discovery queue, add resource or remove from inventory
  • Reading, Updating configurations
  • Read monitored statistics data
  • Execute, Schedule operations
  • Resource / application deployment (i.e., EARs, WARs)
    • Provider higher-level APIs than what we expose in the CLI today.
  • methods will return appropriate HTTP codes to indicate success, failure and so on. See e.g.


I've implemented a very first very basic rest provider, which is now in the master branch on git. This is meant as a start to bootstrap the REST api effort.


  • Security integration is now done: The web layer authenticates all requests against the RHQ_Principal table and forwards authenticated JEE Principals to the EJB layer. Here an interceptor takes the principal, constructs an RHQ Subject from it and
    creates a session. The Subject is stored in a variable caller and the call is forwarded to the target EJB. After returning,
    the session is invalidated.
    Implementing classes need to extend AbstractRestBean and add the SetCallerInterceptor:

State / Documentation

Please check the automatically generated documentation for available URIs and HTTP verbs. You can find the documentation either at

Entry point

The entry point for the API is http://localhost:7080/rest/

Examples for concrete URIs

This is work in progress and likely not the final state. When in doubt consult the code

All of the following is relative to http://localhost:7080/rest/1/:

uri verbs description implemented
resource/{id} GET Get details of the resource with id id
resource/platforms GET List the platforms
resource/{id}/children GET Get the direct children of the resource with id id
resource/{id}/availability GET Get the current availability of the resource with id id
resource/{id}/schedules GET Get the metric schedules of the resource with id id
user/favorites/resource GET List the favorite resources of the current user
user/favorites/resource/{id} PUT Add the resource with id id to the list the favorite resources of the current user
user/favorites/resource/{id} DELETE Remove the resource with id id from the list the favorite resources of the current user
metric/data/{u} GET Get the metric data for schedule u
metric/schedule/{id} GET Get the metric schedule with id id
metric/schedule/{id} PUT Update the metric schedule with id id (enabled,interval)
metric/data/resource/{rId} GET Get the metric aggregate for resource rId
status GET Return generic server status (like the summary portlet)
alert/ GET List alerts
alert/{id} GET Display alert with id id
alert/{id} PUT Acknowledge alert with id id
alert/{id} DELETE Purge alert with id id
alert/definition GET Display alert definitions
alert/definition/{id} GET Display alert definition with id id
alert/definition/{id} PUT Update alert definition with id id
group/ GET List groups
group/ POST Create a new group
group/{id} GET Get the specific group
group/{id} PUT Update group (name only at the moment
group/{id} DELETE Delete the group
group/{id}/resources GET Get the resources of this group
group/{id}/resource/{rid} PUT Add resource rid to group id
group/{id}/resource/{rid} DELETE Remove resource rid from group id

Items with will need a better data model and/ or evaluation of query parameters or more work

Further Reading

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