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Code Style

  1. Install the intellij plugin for eclipse code formatting: http://code.google.com/p/eclipse-code-formatter-intellij-plugin/wiki/HowTo (unzip in the /plugins directory, restart IJ, then you can see it is installed if you have "Eclipse Code Formatter" in your IJ settings).

  2. Use the RHQ Project's Eclipse formatter config file found at etc/eclipse-tools/templates/formatter-profile.xml

  3. Set the import order in the plugin to manual configuration with the following packages: java;javax;com;org;org.jboss;org.rhq

  4. Turn off intellij's import optimizer: Preferences > Editor --> Auto Import (uncheck the java settings)

  5. Preferences > Code Style --> Java --> Imports

    1. Check Use single class import

    2. Change Class count to use import with '*' to 99

    3. Change Names count to use static import with '*' to 99

  You may have to restart Intellij Idea at this point.

VM Options

Here's the idea.vmoptions file I use:


If you have lots of RAM, I'd set the max heap size even higher.

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