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Older RHQ versions

This page contains links to older versions of RHQ for reference purposes.
Please go to Download to obtain a more current release of RHQ.

RHQ 3.0

Released Jul 7th, 2010

Jopr 2.3.1

Released Sep 16th, 2009

Download from the link below.

Notable changes are:

  • Support for JBoss EAP 5
  • A new command line interface: you can now talk to Jopr from a Linux or Windows command line. This interface uses the Java 6 script support, so that you can create scripts for re-use.
  • Group alerts: it is now possible to fire an alert when any resource in a group runs into an error condition by defining alert templates on the group
  • Experimental support for MS SQL Server
  • Plugins can now depend one of several others: if you have e.g. a plugin that uses JMX it is now possible to either depend on JBossAS when the resource types are used within the JBossAS or depend directly (and only) on JMX plugin to discover standalone JVM versions of those resources.
  • Support for taking snapshots of resource configurations: it is now possible to gather e.g. all config files from one of your JBossAS servers and have that zipped up and put in a place on the Jopr server
  • Dynagroups have been extended to support searching more levels of ancestry
  • Postgres 8.4 is now officially supported
  • Autodiscovery of JBossAS jnp credentials: Jopr is now looking at the config files to obtain the security credentials for secured JBossAS instances, so that you do not need to type them in by hand in the inventory
Download Size Link
Jopr Full Distribution 128 MB Download

Jopr 2.2.1

Released Jun 3rd, 2009

Download from the link below.

The first Jopr release to support a one-click install.  The distribution bundles an embedded database and embedded agent that both run inside the Jopr server.  This makes it easy to get a demo environment up and running to see what Jopr has to offer towards your systems management and monitoring needs.

Download Size Link
Jopr Full Distribution 109 MB Download

Jopr 2.2.0

Released Apr 30th, 2009

Download from the link below.

This release delivers a host of new functionality over the 2.1 release. It includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, many new features and UI improvements.

  • Standalone Apache Tomcat Management
  • New user interface with rich application menus
  • New Tree oriented navigation of managed resources
  • Cluster oriented tree views for managing groups of resources
  • Group configuration editing
  • Subsystem views for cross sytem views of critical information
  • New metrics analysis system for quick discovery of abnormal conditions
  • DynaGroups query enhancements
  • Configuration change detection for auditing external edits
  • Availability history and metrics display
  • Agent auto-upgrades will allow future upgrades to be automatic for agents
Download Size Link
Jopr Full Distribution 105 MB Download

Jopr 2.1

Released: Oct 13, 2008

This is the first open source release of Jopr and is based off the work done for the JBoss Operations Network Product version 2.1. This project will act as the upstream open source project for the Operations Network going forward.

This release adds a number of new features, including a high-availability deployment mode that will help to assure the uptime of the management environment.

Download Size Link
Jopr Server 95 MB Download
Jopr Agent 7 MB Download
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