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RHQ4 Bug Binning and Countermeasures

This is a discussion I would like to start on a group exercise called "RHQ 4.0  Bug Binning and Countermeasures".    

In general, I would like to have a data-driven discussion on the types and categories of bugs that have been occurring and to find ways to prevent or mitigate.   

Here is the outline in some detail:

  1. We define a set of bugs.

  2. We categorize the bugs into groups.

  3. We choose a group of bugs that we want to address.

  4. We try to understand why these bugs occurred.  Root cause

  5. We propose some countermeasures.

  6. We implement some countermeasures.

  7. Repeat.

So here is a Bugzilla search:  High-priority, High-severity, RHQ 4.x issues.

If I group these, I see the following potential categories:

Does anybody else see any other categories?

F5/Refresh and Groups stand-out to me as the largest categories.    Let's deal with those.  I'd like to learn more about the root cause of these issues.

Root causes:

Proposed countermeasures:

Countermeasures selected to implement:

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