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RHQ 4.0.0

This is the RHQ 4.0 release. It was released on May 2nd, 2011

Please note
  • If you previously used an earlier RHQ 4.0 developer preview release, you must clear your browser's cache prior to using the RHQ 4.0 GUI! For example, in Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-Del and then choose to clear everything from the cache.

  • The autodiscovery portlet is by default disabled on the dashboard. Go to the Inventory to see the discovery queue.

  • Webkit based browsers will not automatically forward you from the installer to the login page. Manually switch to

  • RHQ 4 requires Java 6

New Features (since RHQ 3.0)


  • new SmartGWT-based GUI

    • 100% AJAX Web 2.0

    • internationalized (English as default, partial German )

    • multiple customized dashboards can be saved

    • Resource and Group summary pages now allow numerous customizations for which elements to display and what type of data to show.

    • enhanced scheduling for operations, including support for cron expressions

    • "message center" provides a history of GUI messages from the current session

    • configuration editor now supports editing lists of simple properties

  • support for Postgres 9.0

  • support for deleting Agent plugins

  • support for executing an RHQ CLI script when an alert fires (for more info, see this blog)

  • improved authorization for content repositories - public/private repos, repo owners, and MANAGE_REPOSITORIES priv

  • Much improved MySQL agent-plugin (by Steve Milidge)

  • New logfile alert sender (by Steve Milidge)

Agent Plugin API

Known Issues

  • IE is not yet fully supported.

  • User documentation on the RHQ wiki has not been updated yet - it still documents RHQ 3.0.

  • Some error messages will be masked and instead print "InvocationTargetException: please see server log for more details", but the server log may not necessarily provide more details.

  • The installer shows some non-replaced {} properties.

  • Some properties are editable when viewing a configuration in read-only mode.

  • Clicking Reset button on user or role edit view results in an error.

  • Some parts of the UI are still in non-GWT technologies

  • Metrics on the summary page of an autogroup do not work. Go to the monitor tab to view them

  • Metric graphs can not be added to the Monitor->Graph page

  • If you want to ignore resources, there is sometimes a red box saying "could not ignore.." - this is harmless. If you refresh the auto-discovery portlet, you will see that the resources are indeed ignored.

  • Similar to above, if you elect to import resources, and it takes longer than 10 seconds to complete the import, you will get a red error message indicating the timeout. This is usually harmless. BZ 701314

For a list of issues that still exist in the very latest RHQ 4.0 code, see Bugzilla.


The GWT part of the UI has partially been translated into German. You can access the German UI
by appending

to the base url like for example

Please ping us if you want to help translating the UI to your language.

Bug reporting

Please report all bugs you find in Bugzilla. If you find a bug that has been recorded in the above list, please leave a comment on them especially if this needs special steps to reproduce.


You can download the release here.

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