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Release Notes for RHQ 1.0.1

This release improves plugin developer productivity and resolves other bugs in the 1.0 release. This release is also available as a binary download and with upgrade capability from 1.0.

Download RHQ

Release notes with links


  • [RHQ-448] - Link from Alert email links to a page where the actual condition is not shown
  • [RHQ-461] - add support for .child
  • [RHQ-472] - document needed expression set ordering requirements on the FAQ
  • [RHQ-473] - document dynagroup's LazyInitializationException on the FAQ
  • [RHQ-503] - runtime discovery scans executed as post-processing hooks for plugin configuration updates sometimes cause agent-side deadlocks and (eventually) timeouts


  • [RHQ-33] - Monitor > Configure subtab for auto-groups doesnt have other subtabs
  • [RHQ-124] - Delete Resource generates communication failure on agent update
  • [RHQ-126] - Exception thrown for Monitor -> Events -> Advanced Settings
  • [RHQ-137] - Update failure for Windows Platform Event property
  • [RHQ-204] - started getting NoClassDefFound error on server
  • [RHQ-258] - events are lost on the agent-side
  • [RHQ-259] - Install with existing database doesnt clear JMS tables
  • [RHQ-261] - unable to autodiscover apache 2.2 on linux, running as root
  • [RHQ-293] - "Can not find calculate an effective plugin configuration definition for this group."
  • [RHQ-297] - Active alert template prevents adding of a new platform
  • [RHQ-300] - when the RHQ_AGENT_DEBUG env var is set, log4j messages are periodically spewed to the Agent's stdout
  • [RHQ-326] - Issues viewing history item details after package deployment on Oracle
  • [RHQ-344] - During initial agent config, prompts should specify that hostnames are ok (not just IPs).
  • [RHQ-378] - Postgres plugin cannot read certain metrics due to no native support
  • [RHQ-381] - measurement data purge stops working
  • [RHQ-395] - "Create new" dropdown slides to the left when no "manually add" option
  • [RHQ-398] - inventory status filter on "view all" AD queue page isn't respected
  • [RHQ-412] - change plugin update mechanism so it replaces older versions of the same plugin jar, rather than installing duplicate versions of a plugin jar when that plugin's version gets updated on the Server
  • [RHQ-413] - break group connection properties out into its own subtab
  • [RHQ-431] - for a compat group of a Resource type that has no plugin config defined, a "Can not find calculate an effective plugin configuration definition for this group." error is displayed under the Inventory tab's Group Connection Properties section
  • [RHQ-440] - SQL error when viewing CPU metrics
  • [RHQ-442] - The remote server did not reply with a valid command response. Reply was: CORRUPT / Unable to handle Event with inavlid chars in log message
  • [RHQ-450] - Paging event data loses filter
  • [RHQ-452] - cleanup alert condition cache's use of boxing/unboxing
  • [RHQ-453] - alert cache doesn't create OOB elements for uncalculated baselines
  • [RHQ-454] - Input fields for package-backed resource creation don't validate required data
  • [RHQ-455] - Resubmitting a failed package-backed resource does not show the deployment configuration
  • [RHQ-456] - Package and file name are not pre-populated upon failed package-backed resource creation
  • [RHQ-457] - Agent fails to start w/ error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Neither a native or java platform was discovered - this should never happen. Discovered resources are: []"
  • [RHQ-458] - Adding resources to Compatible Groups causes left side list to go back to the first page of resources
  • [RHQ-462] - Error updating group definition: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • [RHQ-464] - expression column when viewing group definition list needs better formatting
  • [RHQ-465] - LazyInitializationException when recalculating group definition after inventory changes
  • [RHQ-468] - fix failing expression evaluator tests
  • [RHQ-471] - get different results depending on the order of the group definition expressions
  • [RHQ-474] - "last calculated time" for group definition is updated when editing any simple property - it should only be updated when the group contents are recalculated
  • [RHQ-477] - dynagroups "startswith" string match expression gives 0 resouces
  • [RHQ-478] - Native system fails to gather cpu metrics for powerpc
  • [RHQ-481] - Auto-generated resource names can be longer than max (100chars)
  • [RHQ-482] - Installer didnt appear to be showing DB connection failures correctly
  • [RHQ-484] - Constraint violation when hot deploying a (changed) plugin
  • [RHQ-489] - a timeout is not enforced by the PC for the ResourceComponent.start() method
  • [RHQ-498] - On resource create, the PC will overwrite the plugin failure message in some cases
  • [RHQ-499] - Create resource history shows misleading message about resource key for failed requests
  • [RHQ-506] - DataPurgeJobTest is not cleaning up correctly
  • [RHQ-507] - ResourceManager fails to clean CallTime data when a resource is deleted
  • [RHQ-509] - AlertConditionCache throws NPE if a doomed elment is not in the cache
  • [RHQ-510] - the getUser/Sys/Nice/Idle/Wait methods in org.hyperic.sigar.Cpu return -1 if that metric is not available for the platform - in such a case, CpuComponent.getValues() should not return a value for that metric, rather than returning -1 as it currently does
  • [RHQ-513] - Process isRunning reports down when a process is up
  • [RHQ-514] - Expose network stats for a port in the natives api
  • [RHQ-520] - Agent fails to export the configuration
  • [RHQ-522] - Metadata: EventDefinitions not updated
  • [RHQ-524] - deployment errors for the postgres plugin
  • [RHQ-528] - Users without security management privilege can't change their own password
  • [RHQ-530] - Update key store password defaults in
  • [RHQ-531] - Change to make SSL encryption only (not auth) the default
  • [RHQ-533] - Exception when looking at metrics
  • [RHQ-534] - Update key store password defaults in agent configuration
  • [RHQ-535] - Remove truststore default passwords
  • [RHQ-537] - Cannot create an alert against a log event using the matching text "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError" (or any text length > 16?)
  • [RHQ-541] - Plugin validator does not ensure the ResourceDiscoveryComponent interface is implemented
  • [RHQ-552] - Plugin metadata missing makes for a poor error message
  • [RHQ-575] - metadata update error in ResourceMetadataManagerBean.updateEventDefinitions() during update of jboss-as plugin from v2.0.0.GA to v2.0.1-SNAPSHOT (QA Build #2)
  • [RHQ-586] - Protect against cyclic symbolic link following
  • [RHQ-592] - Exception when starting JON Server upgraded from 2.0.0.GA to 2.0.1.CR3
  • [RHQ-594] - Upgraded agent not able to download postgres or JBAS plugins
  • [RHQ-599] - Operation throws error
  • [RHQ-603] - Unable to purge trait data...
  • [RHQ-606] - Installer Upgrade Issue - option for existing db should be upgrade as opposed to initialize
  • [RHQ-615] - Postgres server monitor tab throwing exception after 1.0.1 upgrade


  • [RHQ-526] - leverage latched concurrent framework to deploy plugins concurrently during server startup
  • [RHQ-558] - Expose the parent resource context to the child resource discovery context
  • [RHQ-560] - Filter object names that have extra key properties
  • [RHQ-563] - DeployPackagesResponse should let me change results

New Feature

  • [RHQ-354] - Create Content Deploy Immediate method for ContentServices
  • [RHQ-355] - Have Content Services have an immediate method that can handle undeploying of the file for an ear/war resource
  • [RHQ-449] - enhancements to group plugin configuration updates
  • [RHQ-469] - changing the name of a group definition should change the name of all of its children dynagroups
  • [RHQ-525] - write generic framework for executing abstract services concurrently, but which respects service dependencies


  • [RHQ-497] - publish v1.0 of RHQ core libs to JBoss Maven repo
  • [RHQ-612] - Back out unnecessary changes to metric names to avoid
  • [RHQ-617] - include scripts for upgrading from a previous Agent installation
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