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Name Disk
Description Retrieves packages from a local file system. If deployed in an HA environment, this must be on a distributed file system that all servers can access.
RHQ Version 1.4.0-B1
Plugin Version 1.0


The disk content provider is used to read specific locations on a filesystem and introduce packages and repositories into RHQ based on what is contained within.


Each instance of the disk content provider is configured to work against a single directory on the disk, specified in the plugin configuration. When RHQ synchronizes with the instance of the plugin, it will search that directory's contents for the appropriate information.

Each directory inside of the user set root directory will be introduced to RHQ as a new candidate repository. Once those repositories are imported, the files located inside of those directories will be returned as packages when that repo synchronization takes place.

When configuring a disk provider instance, the package type name, resource type name, and resource type plugin name must correspond to the names provided in agent plugins. For instance, a disk provider configured to introduce RPMs into RHQ would use the following values:

Package Type Name rpm
Resource Type Name Linux
Resource Type Plugin Name Platforms
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