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Workplan Heiko

Sprint 4

  • Refactor the use of addresses in the plugin – internal code change
  • Improve / harden config loading / writing (especially the latter)
  • Re-iterate on dependent values
    • Add them in different places
      • Hook in dependent values for the inner config editor for e.g. the http port binding of a socket-binding-group
    • Try to address "cross/talking"
    • Try to come up with filtering (rules)
  • Improve integration testing
    • Fire as7 in domain / standalone mode


  • Allow to connect to secured domain-api – perhaps done by Simeon
  • Allow for inclusion of profiles into other profiles (not yet in AS7 )
  • Enable to create new profiles
  • Support jvm info from management api (reading + updating ) – Simeon will do
  • Support jmx-based process info for processes – Simeon will do
  • Investigate / support response time metrics via rt_filter or other means
  • Investigate moving managed AS below Host Controller in the RHQ resource tree. This is not easy, as the discovery through process scan only works for top level server resources.


Sprint 3

  • Fix obtaining of the driver name in standalone mode (basically standalone has no "DomainDeployment")
    • beware of cross-talking meaning that I should only see drivers of my local domain or host
    • deployment also needs to be :deploy'd in standalone mode
  • Fix accidental double submission of the create operation to AS, which did create the data source, put prevented the RHQ operation from being successful
  • General update of properties handling, including: – may need revisiting later when AS7 gets more writable properties.
    • Editing of (xa-)datasources
    • * Allow to change the socket-bindings and socket-binding-port-offset
  • Add :reload operation for standalone (see AS7-1384
  • Add :shutdown operation for standalone
    • investigate auto-reload on config change
  • Delete Datasources
  • Test Connection in pool for data sources , but requires work on AS side - see https://issues.jboss.org/browse/AS7-1342
  • Delete deployments (Shall deleting a domain deployment undeploy server-group deployments? Can not make configurable as delete button does not accept options)
  • Add rollback-status to error messages for operations
  • Update web subsystem to match latest as7 code ( https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=709678 ) – updated, but see AS7-1413 and AS7-1414
  • Update wiki pages for RHQ and AS7
  • Detect configuration with which the standalone server was started
    • read a special resource to find out which startup file was used ( ./standalone.sh --server-config=standalone-preview.xml )
  • Provide a start operation for standalone server
  • Provide a restart operation for standalone server
  • Merge JMS and Messaging subsystems into messaging
  • Handling of security settings (detect user + password from properties file )
  • Provide a start operation for domain controller and individual host controllers.
  • Implement jndi-view on naming subsystem – but UI throws a ClassCastException
  • Detect which domain-config (domain.sh --domain-config=xx) and host-config (domain.sh --host-config=yy) was used in domain mode
  • Allow to use specific version of host-config and domain-config on (re)start of host/domain controller
  • Create / delete server group via usual means (create / delete child)

Sprint 2

  • Clean up dependent-values
    • Domain object clean up
      • Deletion of the plugin leaves rows in the option-sources table
    • Implement other targets than resource
    • Hook the callback into the other places where config editors are called
  • Re-iterate on uploading of stuff ( https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=708327 ) as the AS7 API has changed.
  • Work around breakage in AS7 when using composite operations with only one member operation (AS7-1145)
  • Implement deploying of jdbc drivers and data sources (see https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=708291 )
  • Allow to promote a domain deployment to all server-groups at once
  • Add the real AS7 server state as trait in addition to the availability Note: for disabled servers this displays no value, as the availability shows DOWN and thus the getValues() method is not called
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