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RHQ 4.8.0

This is the RHQ 4.8 release. It was released on June XXXth, 2013

Installation note
RHQ 4.8.0 no longer has a GUI-based installer. Even if you are familiar with installing versions of RHQ before 4.6, be sure to see Running The Installer for updated installation and upgrade instructions.
Upgrade note
If upgrading from RHQ 4.2 (4.3 and later are not affected) you must first make a manual change to your database. Have a look at the first note on the RHQ 4.4 release notes
Please note
RHQ 4.8 is recommended with Java7, and also supports Java6.

New Features and Changes (since RHQ 4.7)

Cassandra backend for metric storage

RHQ 4.8 is the first release that uses Cassandra as backend store for metric values. This has been done to increase scalability.



Graphing enhancements



Cassandra Plugin

A new Cassandra plugin compatible with Cassandra 1.1.2 is part of this release. The plugin is still experimental but supports monitoring and configuration for features exposed via Cassandra's JMX interface. Additional support for some important internal configuration settings (Eg. gc_grace_seconds) is also available. The plugin has enhanced support for taking and restoring snapshots.

The plugin is not yet compatible with Cassandra 1.2.x. Since Cassandra 1.2.x has a lot of improvements and changes, a decision about how to support it will be taken for the next RHQ release.

Known Issues


  • Method org.rhq.core.util.exec.ProcessExecutor#redirectStreams has been deprecated. Callers should switch to using a new method org.rhq.core.util.exec.ProcessExecutor#redirectAllStreams method.
  • REST-API Endpoints introduced in 4.5.1 to create platforms and resources have been deprecated - replacements are provided

API changes

  • The return type of method org.rhq.enterprise.server.measurement.MeasurementDataManagerRemote#getAggregate was changed from org.rhq.core.domain.measurement.MeasurementAggregate to org.rhq.enterprise.server.measurement.MeasurementAggregate. It is the same class, only package is different. CLI scripts should remain compatible with this change, for Java clients depending on EJB remote API, fixing the imports and recompilation will solve the issue.


The GWT part of the UI has partially been translated into German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Russian and Korean. The language should be automatically selected depending on your browser settings. You can explicitly access other translations by appending a locale specifier in the URL. For example to select the German translation you would append ?locale=de to the base URL, e.g. http://localhost:7080/coregui/?locale=de.

Supported locales are:

  • zh for Chinese
  • cs for Czech
  • de for German
  • ja for Japanese
  • pt for Portuguese
  • ru for Russian
  • ko for Korean

Please ping us if you want to help translating the UI to your language. Translations are done via the translations project on GitHub, which also has some instructions on how to start.

Bug reporting

Please report all bugs you find in Bugzilla. If you find a bug that has been recorded in the above list, please leave a comment on them especially if this needs special steps to reproduce.

List of resolved Bugzilla entries

Please consult Bugzilla with a target release of RHQ 4.8.0 for a list of resolved issues


You can download the release here

Commit log (since RHQ_4_7_0 )

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