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RHQ 4.9

Application Deployment

RHQ supports deployment, update, and undeployment of applications (EARs or WARs) to/from JBoss AS, EAP, SOA-P, or EWP application server instances. In order to deploy, update, or undeploy an application, the corresponding target application server instance, as well as the RHQ agent on the same machine, must be running, and the application server must be in RHQ's inventory (as JBoss AS Server Resources).


To deploy an EAR or WAR, you must create a new child Resource under the JBoss AS Resource to which you want to deploy it. See the section on http://www.rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Inventory#Inventory-ChildResources Child Resources for details on how to create a child Resource. Note, once the EAR or WAR Resource has been discovered and imported, you can go to its Content tab to view or update the backing EAR or WAR file.


To update an EAR or WAR, go to the EAR or WAR Resource in the RHQ GUI, click on its Content tab, then click on the New subsection.


Click on the UPLOAD NEW PACKAGE button.


Click on the UPLOAD FILE button. This will pop up a small window.


Click the Add button, select the updated WAR or EAR file you want to upload from your local filesystem, then click the Upload button.

The popup window will close and you will see a message confirming the file was uploaded.


Select the repository where the WAR or EAR file package should be stored. If there is an existing repository or a subscribed repository, choose that. Otherwise, create a new repository with a sensible name (e.g. "production apps"). After selecting a repository, click the CONTINUE button.


Confirm that the details for the new package are all correct, then click the CONTINUE button again. After deployment, you should be taken to the Content > History subtab where you can view a summary of the deployment.



To undeploy an EAR or WAR, you must go to the JBoss AS Resource from which you want to undeploy, and then delete the corresponding child EAR or WAR Resource. See the section on http://www.rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Inventory#Inventory-ChildResources Child Resources for details on how to delete a child Resource.

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