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RHQ 4.9

At Least One Parent

This disambiguation strategy always leaves at least one parent visible, even though it wouldn't be needed to make the resources unique. It also employs the type disambiguation at the resource level even if the resource names are different (levels further up don't do this). As long as the resource and its ancestry come from the same plugin, the plugin info (if needed for disambiguation is only shown at the resource level). If the plugin info is needed to disambiguate some parents, it is of course shown.

Singleton resources coming from different plugins. The two resources from the same plugin are disambiguated using the path, the middle two resources are shown with their immediate parent, even though it wouldn't be needed to distinguish them.

Again, this is the same screeshot as in previous strategy (http://rhq-project.org/display/RHQ/Minimum+disambiguation+info), but in here, you can see that the parent is preserved even though it is not necessary.

The two JBossAS Server resources have disambiguated types even though their names differ.

Again, very much the same as with previous strategy, but the immediate parent is preserved (the platform doesn't have a parent, so none can be shown).

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